To our generous readers who donated to the PRT during our recent fundraising campaign, We Thank You! You have donated an astonishing $36,288 over the past two months, $9,288 more than our fundraising goal of $27,000! 

$15,000 of the funds raised will be matched by NewsMatch, a national organization that supports nonprofit newsrooms.The PRT was also selected to receive an additional $15,000 matching grant from The Loud Hound Fund. The Loud Hound Partner Fund is awarded to select newsrooms serving residents in five states with local news about issues that impact their lives and support civic engagement. We are honored to have been selected for this award for the second year in a row.

These donations ensure the future of the PRT and will be used to help us continue to bring you the local news that you depend on us to deliver.

This coming year we will continue to work hard to bring you our breaking news e-blasts, weekly e-newsletter and the monthly print edition of the PRT.

We are so proud of our new website, launched this summer. It enables us to bring you more news as it is happening. The proof of the success of the website can be seen in the rise in number of views since the website launched. We have seen an amazing 846% increase in average monthly views! 

We are also excited about the new interactive community calendar we host on the website. This calendar gives members of our community the opportunity to post information and flyers about events. This is open to all nonprofit organizations and local small businesses.

Our staff is working to improve our digital footprint, and to develop new tools and skills to support our evolving technical resources. The board and staff also continue to work on our long term goals and strategic planning to ensure that the PRT will be a viable news organization for years to come.

Our committed group of volunteer writers continue to amaze us with their professionalism, and dedication to the PRT. These individuals volunteer their time and expertise to keep our readers informed and educated about those issues and events that affect our community.

Our PRT family members includes not only our writers, our board members and staff, but also all of you that have supported us this year. We thank you for kicking off 2023 in the best way possible, especially as we emerge from the challenges of the past few years. Thank you for your investment in the future of the PRT because, especially in these tumultuous times, local news matters.