From Friends of the Patagonia Pool (FOPP) committee:

  • FOPP received $2,500 grant from Patagonia Regional Community Fund
  • FOPP received $10,000 grant from South32 Hermosa through Community Fund of Southern Arizona
  • FOPP has $5,800 in pledges
  • Both school boards voted to extend the IGA through October 31, 2020 and to expand the Pool Advisory Committee, adding two local residents to the existing 3 called for in the IGA. New Pool Advisory Committee is: Jim Cosbey, PUH;, Audrey Doles, PEHS; Andy Wood, Town of Patagonia; Mimi Henley, FOPP; Gary Brown, FOPP. 
  • FOPP has had two study sessions with Town of Patagonia, but due to COVID issues, these items have not yet been on Town agenda for action (not on 4/8/2020 either).
  • Extensive research has been completed on the actual physical needs of the pool and they are quite doable.