Students work with director Celia Concannon to prepare for their performance of “The Cannibal Monster” at the Tin Shed Theater. Back row (from left) Olivia Blystone, Karen Novak, Matthew Hendrix, Ana Dorsey, Gemma Lopez. Front Row: Charlotte Myers, Violet Nicoll, Celia Concannon,Sophia Majalca, Jazlynn Hoyos and Jorge Sotelo. Photo by Marion Vendituoli

Club Theater has returned to the Tin Shed Theater for its 15th season. Directed by Celia Concannon of Nogales, this year’s play is “The Cannibal Monster,” an adaptation of a traditional Klingit Indian tale. “I wanted to do something Native American,” Concannon said. She chose this play because “this just made me laugh,” she said, referring to the surprise ending of the play. 

Concannon, who taught theater arts for 15 years in Rio Rico, for five years at Nogales High School and two years at Pierson High School, is working with ten students from grade 3 to grade 10. “It’s fun for me to be working with children again,” she said. 

Eight of ten of the students have been involved with club theater in previous years. 

Technical director for the play is Sol Lieberman. Two performances are scheduled for March 30. Club Theater, an after school program, is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Santa Cruz County.