Why do we call it the Press Core? 

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Jonathan Smith – Press Core Member of the Month

Jonathan Smith and his wife Catherine moved to Patagonia from Socorro, New Mexico about three years ago, after he retired from a career working for the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service and as a Wild Land Firefighter. He spent a number of winters in the Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve, eradicating invasive plant species in the River of Grass. 

He found Patagonia and the area as he was passing through on business. He now lives in the town of Patagonia, owns a little land north of Patagonia, and hopes to build a home there at some time in the future.

When asked what he enjoys about Patagonia and southeastern Arizona, he responded that he loves the small-town, rural flavor, it’s not very busy, and it feels like a throwback to small town life of years past.  

Jonathan loves the unique ecosystems that exists here, that is really like no other in the United States. His wife Catherine has a connection to Sonoita from many years ago, as her former mother-in-law owned a house and a hundred-acre tract in the 1970s and she had visited the area.

When asked why he supports the PRT, he commented that he loves the fact that it is a community-based newspaper and that it is the foundation of local news, giving our area a sense of place. He said, “We are connected to the people we read about” in the newspaper.