South32 announced in this recent press release that the company will provide $50,000 in additional COVID-19 relief funds to area non-profits starting this month. 

As with the company’s previous donation of $50,000 for COVID-19 relief, these grant funds will be administered by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA) through the foundation’s current COVID-19 grant program. The grants will be limited to organizations operating in Santa Cruz County and will provide a variety of benefits to citizens in need, from meals to rental assistance. 

This investment was guided by a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed in November 2020 between South32 and the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. 

“Consulting with the county on community investment was one of the first things we did following the MOU signing,” said Pat Risner, president of the South32 Hermosa Project. “We’re working to understand the best way to help the region through this fatiguing time when the pandemic is still weighing heavily on so many. A top priority for the county is to help those who are at risk of having their most basic needs go unmet as mission-critical organizations that provide care and support to these people are now themselves hurting. Our donation is intended to help those organizations continue their essential work.”