Skeletons of garden past

Shrunken, shriveled earth amassed

Crustacean critters sow, and pill

Worms that wiggle, grubs be still

Rock and leaf and loam and twig

Reduced in size by time turned dig

Memories of scent and sound

Recognizable form cannot be found

Who were you in bright of day

Rooted, leafed, now in decay?

Could tell the tale of thrush’s song

Of water’s soak, when days were long?

Butterfly’s fan rests in the layer

The height of corn and mantis prayer

Eye of storm and songbird’s ode

Hint of rain an d hop of toad

Gone is glint of beetle’s shield

Golden wheat waves in the field

Shock of corn and moan of hay

Pod of pea and crack of clay

Lost is wilt and stress from sun

Frozen dreams when garden’s done

Petaled pleasures flowers flown

Silenced now the insect drone

Gone is grasp of tendril’s grip

The taste of nectar from blossom sip

Cut of worm and scrap of scale

Hornet’s sting and marks from hail

Melon’s swell and print of paw

Tumbled weed and rodent’s gnaw

Spider’s thread and lizard’s leap

Now compose this piled heap

Sunflower’s track, grasshopper’s spree

Seed cases left when the shoot broke free

Furrow forgotten, cicada call,

Stubbled stalk that once stood tall

Peaches wearing summer’s kiss

Water’s log and serpent’s hiss

Comet light and shooting star

Canned on cupbo ard shelves in jar

Between the confines of ground and sky

The garden grows and then must die

To feed the future on its way,

Grave becomes cradle, another replay.

Loving the earth one has to respect

The difference between nurture and neglect

The taking and the giving back

To continue the cycle without a lack

When soil is rich, abundance abounds

So I sift, moving mounds

From cow and field and tree and horse

Return to earth generational force

Compost keeps my soil in health

This black gold, unpriceable wealth

The garden gives back what cannot be bought

And this I share as food for thought.