Senior Citizens of Patagonia (SCP) will buy a freezer thanks to an Arizona Community Foundation grant of $4000, and a new computer from a donation by Legacy Foundation of Sierra Vista.

Next month there is Earth ‘n’ Art on April 20 to showcase Senior arts, crafts and homemade sweets. Half of the profit from art sales will be donated to SCP. To participate contact Heather Dodge at 520-732-0598 or

SEACAP will next offer utility assistance on Tuesday, April 16th from 9:30-11:30 at SCP. A fundraising event is in the works for September to celebrate the 30th anniversary of SCP. If you’d like to be on the planning committee, contact Heather.

If there is anyone with experience in grant writing, and who would like to volunteer their services, please contact SCP. Also, donations can be made to the Woody Winans Endowment Fund for the SCP.