The Mountain Empire Rotary Club will host a recycling event for scrap steel and electronics Jan 23 from 9-11 (or until the truck is full) behind the Patagonia Post Office. What can be recycled: scrap steel including fencing and roofing material, batteries of all kinds, electronics, copper, metal desks and chairs, cameras, computers. If you are bringing large items such as fencing or metal roofing, please come early so that there is sure to be enough room on the truck. 

Go to and, at the bottom, click on “What We Recycle” for more info. “We do not accept CRT (glass tube) TVs or CRT computer monitors.” 

Let’s keep as much as possible out of the landfill! Hopefully, this event will be as successful as the one hosted by Mountain Empire Rotary and the Patagonia Recycling Task Force on December 5.