An Outpouring of Scholarships and Awards For PUHS Class of 2015

The Patagonia Union High School Class of 2015 received an amazing number of scholarships and awards, both from local organizations and outside institutions. Among the local organizations giving awards were:

Patagonia Community Garden and Borderlands jointly gave Verena Miller $500
Elgin Community Club gave Carlos Mingura and Verena Miller Fern Collie Scholarships of $500 per semester.
St. Therese of Liseux Parish gave the Henry “Hank” Amado award of $1,000 to Jose Vasquez, for two years.
Sandra Powell awarded the Henry Behrens Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 to Carlos Mingura.
Mountain Empire Rotary gave $1,000 a year for two years to Verena Miller and Carlos Mingura.
The Patagonia Woman’s Club awarded Savannah Foster $1,000 a semester for four years.
Sulfur Springs Valley Electric Company gave $1,500 each to Savannah Foster, Carlos Mingura, and Grace McGuire.
Patagonia Union High School – The Principal’s “Pay it Forward” awards went to Savannah and Verena Miller — $1,000 each.
Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools awarded Grace McGuire and Verena Miller $1,000 each.
The Santa Cruz County endowed scholarship of $1,000 was given to Grace McGuire.
Patagonia Regional Community Foundation gave scholarships of $1,000 a year for four years to Carlos Mingura and Verena Miller.
Anne C. Stradling Equine Foundation in Sonoita awarded Savannah Foster $1,000 per semester for two semesters.
The Santa Cruz Institute of Cosmetology is giving Mariah Skinner a $1,000 scholarship.
There were several scholarships given from organizations at the state level:
Arizona 4-H Foundation awarded the Mary and Arthur Faul scholarship to Savannah Foster. She will receive $2,100 a year for four years.
Northern Arizona University gave three Lumberjack Scholars Awards to Iliana Castro, Savannah Foster, and Grace McGuire. They will each receive $9,120 a year for four years.
The University of Arizona gave three awards: two for Wildcat Excellence to Savannah Foster and Grace McGuire, and one for Arizona Excellence to Verena Miller. Foster and McGuire will receive $10,000 a year for four years and Miller will get $16,000 a year for four years.
Arizona State University gave a Provost Scholarship to Grace McGuire for a four-year total of $32,000.
The Awards Ceremony included several other citations:
Savannah Foster and Jose Vasquez received ARMY Scholar Athletes Awards.
The Office of Congressman Raul Grijalva recognized Carlos Mingura with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for his community service.
Patagonia Regional Business Coalition gave two youth citizenship awards to Carlos Mingura for $500 and Calvin Whitcoe for $1,000.
Congratulations to all the young men and women who worked so hard to earn these