Our Contributing Writers

  • Board Members: Cassina Farley, Lynn Davison, Bob Brandt
  • Patra Kelly, Robert Gay, Lou Shatz, David Daffner, Heather Dodge, Pat McNamara
  • PUHS Journalism Class
  • Columnists: Martin Levowitz, Allison Bunting, Cate Drown, Vince Pinto
  • Artists: Donna Reibslager
  • Editors/proof readers: Leslie Ware

Distribution: Judy Mills and Les Corbin

Strategic planning facilitation: Judy Clegg

E-communications; website: Kate Erwin


  • Fall Festival booths:  Joel Murray
  • SCC Fair: Barbara Ellis

Annual thank you party

  • Offered house for event (2017): Jan Herron and Gamma Leyva
  • Offered house for event (2018): Renate Kloppinger and Rainer Kuerzel
  • Helene Wingert (assist with 2018 thank you party)

Year end appeal mailing:  Barbara Ellis, Dee Heis, Judy Clegg