Photo by David Turcotte

Maggie DeVries, PRT Press Core Member

Maggie moved to Tucson from Chicago in 1974. From there she moved to Sonoita where she lived for more than 30 years. Two years ago, she moved to Patagonia, where she says the vibe is warm and welcoming.

Maggie is a retired geriatric nurse who worked at the VA for over 20 years. She loved her job, but loves being retired more. She has two sons, one of whom went to Patagonia HS and one who went to Buena High in Sierra Vista to take advantage of the soccer program there.

When asked what she loves about Patagonia and eastern Santa Cruz County, she responded “everything”! She loves the closeness of the town of Patagonia and the ability to walk everywhere. She loves the Senior Center and says they do a great job.

Maggie’s canine companion is Gem, a blind mixed breed dog who came to her from the Tucson Humane Society years ago. Gem loves to go walking out on the dirt roads, where her eyes aren’t necessary, just her nose and ears. When Maggie goes to the Lumber Company in Patagonia, Gem is an instant conversation starter.

When asked what she loves about the Patagonia Regional Times, she said she appreciates the fact that it is local news presented in an independent way. “I don’t need anyone to tell me what to think, just give me the facts, and I’ll decide what I think!”

Maggie supports the PRT via the Press Core because she wants the newspaper to continue as long as possible. 

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