Exciting day at the polls for primary elections in Patagonia and Sonoita! Here are the election results for Patagonia and selected results of the Primaries below.

Mayor of Patagonia:

(14 provisional ballots not counted as of 8/29/18)

Andy Wood received 178 votes

Gerry Isaac received 99 votes

Patagonia town Council:

Steve Finch (unopposed) 201 votes

The referendum declaring Patagonia a No Border Wall Community:

In Favor: 156 votes

In Opposition: 111 votes

The referendum concerning the Alternate Expenditure Limitation:

In Favor: 209

In opposition: 47

The Primary Election Results:
Selected county-wide results are as follows:
*LD2 - Legislative District number 2

Justice of the Peace, Pct 1:
Democratic Party:
Emilio Velasquez: (won) 2290
Jessica Mendez: 1806

State representative District 2: (top 2 candidates advance to general election in November)

Republican Party:

Chris Ackerley: (Santa Cruz County votes) 1031
(LD2 total votes) 7956

Anthony Sizer: (Santa Cruz County votes) 935
(LD2 total votes) 7523

Democratic Party:

Rosanna Gabaldon: (won)
(Santa Cruz County votes) 2804 (LD2 total votes) 10924

Daniel Hernandez Jr: (won)
(Santa Cruz County votes) 2692 (LD2 total votes) 10505

State Senate District 2
Republican Party:

Shelley Kais: (won)
(Santa Cruz County votes) 718 (LD2 total votes) 5952

Bobby Wilson:
(Santa Cruz County votes) 795 (LD2 total votes) 5446

Democratic Party:
Andrea Dalessandro (unopposed)
(Santa Cruz County votes) 3766 (LD2 total votes)14179