In spite of all the uncertainty 2020 has brought, one thing is for certain: the PRT remains committed to reporting on the issues that matter—not just in the weeks to come, but for as long as we can. And you can play a critical role in ensuring that happens.
Make a donation to us any time between now and the end of the year and NewsMatch will match your new monthly donation 12x!

100% of the Press Core donations will be used to increase our e-presence, and the frequency and depth of our news coverage and event reporting.

We chose the name Press CORE, because the people we serve are our foundation, our corazon, the center of community journalism, and thus our core. Monthly giving provides the PRT with a predictable source of cash flow, thus contributing to our stability. In return, you as a PRT Press Core member invest in the work of the PRT, while receiving special benefits, like an invitation to the annual party and a customized cap.

Why is this important to the PRT?

As a free non-profit regional newspaper, we rely on the contributions of our readers to raise $20,000 a year or about 40% of our operating revenue. Pledging a monthly sustaining gift gives the PRT a predictable source of cashflow and contributes to our sustainability

As a thank you from the PRT, Press Core members receive these gifts:

  • $5/month: an Invitation to our Annual Thank You party
  • $10/month: an Invitation to our Thank You party, plus an annual gift.
  • $25/month: an invitation to our Thank You party, customized PRT cap, plus a another gift such as a free ticket to Opera house show (subject to COVID-19 restrictions for 2020/2021 season.)

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