Note from Supt. Kenny Hayes of Patagonia Public Schools

Patagonia Public Pool will not be opening as scheduled this year and will be closed until further notice.  Even if the pool was in perfect working order the current COVID-19 crisis would probably prevent its opening. The installation of the new pump, while it worked for a couple of months, has highlighted other problems in the pool’s aging infrastructure. The issues that were known before this process were going to cost us over $60,000, but the infrastructure costs have not yet been determined and will probably be extensive. The $30,000 that are contributed annually by PUHS, PES, and the Town of Patagonia can not cover these costs. Currently, FOPP is working on a fundraising campaign to raise the necessary funds, but none of these entities are willing to commit more dollars to the pool without an acceptable plan to move forward. The members that make up the Pool Advisory Committee will be using this time to decipher the best way to move forward. We appreciate your patience and support during this time. .