By PRT Staff 
June 10, 2020  

Mayor Andy Wood reported that the scope of work for the next major repair project for the Wastewater Treatment Plant was being determined.

The Marshal reported “positioning” a person for quarantine, and that animal control work continues.

Melissa Murietta reported that the Planning & Development Committee is in support of Todd Norton’s project to convert the former 7th-day Adventist Church into a fitness gym.

The Town approved an amendment to extend the ground lease for up to 15 years to Burke Commercial, securing the Post Office location for the future.

The Town adopted Resolution no. 20-09, the first of three, extending the Agreement for Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services for a year, unitl June 30, 2021, with the new requirement that the Town will receive monthly reports on the Services’ activities.

The Town adopted Resolution no. 20-10, authorizing the Mayor to renew the lease of the Mariposa Community Health Center for five years, until June 30, 2025.

Approving Resolution 20-11, the Town contracted with McKay’s Custom Home to provide materials, equipment and labor for the approved walkway and 6-sided gazebo portions of the Doc-Mock park project, at approximately $70,000.  Start date is proposed for July 20, with completion suggested by the end of September.

The Use Permit application for the fitness gym and smoothie bar, with possible office rentals, of Todd and Starr Norton was discussed, Concern was raised about extra traffic generated by the operation, including a possible retail store operation for fitness apparel, on a 15-mph residential street still needing more signage. Parking spaces will be provided as much as possible onsite. The 24/7 use practice, with members having keys, was explained, and is believed to generate little traffic. The Use Permit was approved.

June 24, 2020

The Mayor mentioned she was in conversation with Federal Rep. Raul Grijalva about the Town’s receiving some of the Federal stimulus funds for municipalities.

The Marshal stated he was in discussion about Covid-19 testing with Ray Sayres of Santa Cruz County’s Office of Emergency Services. Testing now being discussed does not include antibody testing, but rather focuses on active cases.

The Town approved Library Director Laura Wenzel’s grant-writing project to apply for the IMLS Covid-19 CARES Act Project Grant, for $414,747. Goal of the project would be to remodel the interior of the library to provide a safer study environment for patrons by the reorganization of internal furnishings, the creation of certain physical barriers between users. By focusing on the safest experience for visitors and library users, it would provide less public gathering space.

Town Resolution 20-12 was adopted, designating the Chief Fiscal Officer to officially submit the Fiscal Year2020 Expenditure Limitation Report to the Arizona Auditor General.

South 32 presented a combination community update and road proposal. Melanie Lawson had technical difficulties showing some slides. Pat Risner presented the company’s Covid-19 responses, including minimizing onsite exploration work (operating only one drill rig), while keeping security and water treatment plant personnel onsite. They have temporarily closed their Tucson and Patagonia offices, while remote work continues on the Pre-Feasability Study. The company intends to reopen offices and return to site work when it is considered safe.

The company proposes to resurface Harshaw Rd and Taylor Av from 3rd Av to the Town Limit, to provide a sidewalk along Mc Keown between Third Av and Taylor Av, and to resurface the helipad.  The Harshaw Road portion would receive a 2” topping of asphaltic concrete and is not intended for heavy industrial use. South32 portrays this three-part project as a response to the community’s traffic and safety concerns from a community perception survey they’d conducted, adding that since September 2019 their average truck deliveries numbered 42 a week, and that they intend to keep truck traffic within the Town’s ordinance, keeping major deliveries to Monday through Friday for the next two years, which they hope will involve major site construction projects in preparation for mining, and adding pilot vehicles to large loads. 

South32 repeated that these improvements were intended solely for a two-year construction period. Carolyn Shafer, as Chair of the Town’s Flood and Flow Committee, asked if the town had consulted Borderlands Restoration Network about drainage along the routes involved, since they’d done extensive work on the remediation of surface flows along Mc Keown Av., to which Pat Risner answered “No.” Asked further if the company would provide the shipping manifests of all arriving trucks, giving loads, weights and times, the company did not respond. The licensing of the company to conduct the engineering design work for this project was approved by the Town.