As of 4/26, 51% of the population in Patagonia 45.8% of residents of Sonoita and 36.7% of residents of Elgin had been vaccinated against COVID19. 

In Santa Cruz County, 47.7% of residents have been vacccinated. 41,533 doses of vaccine have been administered. 17,712 people are fully vaccinated. Santa Cruz County has the highest percentage of people vaccinated in the state of Arizona.

The pace of vaccination is slowing up, according to Director of Health Services, Jeff Terell.“We figured that was going to happen,” he said. “Vaccine hesitancy has increased a little bit. We are concentrating now on the 16 – 17 year-olds with the Pfizer vaccine.” Pfizer is the only vaccine approved for those under 18. 

Terrell said that he has not seen an uptick in COVID cases recently. “We see two, three, maybe four cases a day,” he said.