News Release

Local affordable housing nonprofit Community Homes of Patagonia, Inc. (CHOP) is pleased to announce the hiring of Elvia Gallaher as part-time Program Manager, the organization’s initial staff employee. 

Elvia most recently retired from the position of fourth-grade teacher at Patagonia Elementary School. She has been hired to work with the CHOP Board Directors to coordinate, implement and manage all aspects of the Home Buyer/Financial Education Program, Home Repair Program and Affordable Housing Programs. 

Her two degrees from Northern Arizona University in education and leadership, along with the many credits earned from the University of Phoenix in business administration, align with the skills required for CHOP’s newly funded Program/Office Manager Position. 

With her 30-plus years in public education, leadership experience, work ethic, problem solving skills, willingness to collaborate and ability to speak Spanish, Elvia will be charged with increasing program awareness and participation throughout the community. She will also be responsible for planning, coordinating and facilitating specific courses, events and meetings.

Lastly, her responsibilities will include documenting grant progress, sharing program results with CHOP’s Board and Membership, funders and the community as a whole. 

Elvia has a strong bond with the Patagonia community. Elvia and her husband, Kelley, are residents of the Patagonia area. Elvia’s parents, Justo Rene and Elvia Miranda, are neighbors. 

Elvia graduated from Patagonia Union High School as did her two boys, Jacob and Jonathan. Elvia and her parents are active members of the St. Therese of Lisieux Church congregation. Elvia also formerly served on CHOP’s Board of Directors.