Summer 2021 was another busy time here at the PRT, with a great deal of focus on making the PRT even stronger and more relevant for our readers. Two new collaborations that we have been working on over the past few months are worth mentioning here. 

As a result of the quality of the stories that our hardworking writers turn out, Patch, an internet news aggregator, has approached us about running some of our articles on their Tucson site. Patch Tucson, which had close to 137,000 visits to their website over the last 30 days, will give the PRT, and our communities, great exposure outside Santa Cruz County, and we are thrilled and honored to partner with them. 

The next piece of exciting news from the PRT is our move to join Newspack, a website development and tech support company that specializes in working with newsrooms. We will be working with their support team to build a new, much bigger website and to offer more features to our audience, including an amazing interactive calendar that businesses, organizations and individuals will be able to access to advertise their events. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to put this new website together, but we are confident that this is the right move to keep the PRT growing to serve our community. 

With plans for a new website, with our growing number of e-newsletter subscribers, and with our print readership expanding, now is a great time to consider becoming an advertising partner with us. 

The other big effort that we are working on is our annual fundraising campaign, in partnership with NewsMatch. In the past two years, Newsmatch, through its matching funds program and outreach assistance, has helped us to continue our work here at the PRT. Next month, we will announce the details for this year’s Newsmatch Fund Drive, which will run from Nov.1 – Dec. 31. Please consider helping us then, because local news matters – now more than ever.