Art instructor Cassina Farley does the honors at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new mural at the Patagonia High School. Photo by Marion Vendituoli

The art students at PUHS celebrated the completion of a large mural at the school with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Feb. 10. Art instructor Cassina Farley cut the ribbon as students, faculty and community members applauded. 

Farley came up with the idea for the mural last fall. “We started working on this in November,” she said. Local muralist Denise Purvis helped the students with the execution of the design. “The kids and I looked at murals all over the world to get some ideas.” 

The design chosen by the 25 students who participated in creating the mural was inspired by a well-known mural in Tucson. It features the letters ‘PUHS’ with each letter representing the community. The ‘P’ represents the mountains and desert landscape of the area, the ‘U’ represents the sunsets and dark skies, the ‘H’ depicts local history, and the ‘S’ is the road that connects our communities.

“I’ve noticed that everybody enjoys seeing it and that inspires me to want to do more murals,” Farley said. “The administration has given me permission to paint three more. I’m thinking that we will start out next year working on a mural that will involve the whole school.”