Aliyah Gallardo

The PRT is pleased to introduce our two new Patagonia Union High School interns. Juniors Aliyah Gallardo and Ayla Kennedy will be reporting on school sports and events, as well as writing features for the paper and for the PRT e-newsletter. 

Both girls are active in sports. This year, Aliyah has been on the volleyball and basketball teams, and hopes that there will be enough interest for a softball team this spring. Ayla has been the team manager for both the volleyball and basketball teams.

Aliyah, who lives in Sonoita, loves sports and her animals. Her favorite subjects are English and art. “I really love writing and keeping myself busy,” she said.

Ayla Kennedy

Ayla, who lives in Canelo, likes art, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends. “I really enjoy writing and photography,” she said. 

The girls’ first assignment is to write a feature article about two of their favorite faculty members, which will be included in next month’s PRT. The PRT welcomes Ayla’s and Aliyah’s enthusiasm and energy and we look forward to reading and sharing their stories.