The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously at the Supervisors meeting held on March 7 to appoint Jesus Valdez as County Manager. Valdez, who is currently serving as Deputy County Manager, as well as Director of Public Works for the county, will be replacing Jennifer St. John, who will be retiring in July.

A contract for Valdez will be presented at the next BOS meeting. “I made the motion for the Direct Appointment of Deputy County Manager and Public Works Director Jesus Valdez because I feel that Mr. Valdez has the skill set that will benefit Santa Cruz County,” District 3 Supervisor Bruce Bracker wrote. “Jesus has played a critical role in many projects and strategies that have benefited the different areas of our community. The Board of Supervisors is making this decision now to allow Mr. Valdez time to build his leadership team and to facilitate the transition from County Manager St. John. I would also like to thank Ms. St. John for her service to our community, the past 7 years as our County Manager and prior to that her 29 years as our Finance Director.”