Avi Segal

December 25, 1943 – October 19, 2022

Aviezer “Avi” Segal was my dad. He was a wonderful father and couldn’t have cared more about me. He also loved the world, everyone in it, every plant, animal, even bugs. He always sought out to help people as best he could, and I wish I could have many more years to learn from him. He was also a very humble person and never really spoke of any of his accomplishments, even to me, his son.

Avi was born in Tel Aviv, Israel on December 25 in the early 1940s. He wanted to help people from a young age and studied for a short time to be a rabbi, but he wanted to do more. He moved to Japan where he lived for eight years and studied at the University of Tokyo to become a Dr. of Acupuncture. While he was there, he also studied chiropractic, cupping, and eastern medicine, in addition to getting his black belt in karate.

In the early 70s he moved to Florida. He worked as an acupuncturist and continued to study many areas of alternative medicine, including iridology, reiki, and crystal healing. In the mid-70s he met my mother. They were married for a few years and had me, Adam Segal. During that time, they moved to San Diego where he opened an acupuncture and alternative medicine practice. Shortly after that they split up and he moved to Phoenix. He never remarried.

In the mid-80s, while meditating, a gift of spiritual healing opened up to him. He shifted his practice from acupuncture to spiritual healing, using his gift to open the love and light in many people for the rest of his life. In the early 90s he moved to Las Vegas where he stayed for nearly 17 years,raising me in my teenage years.

After spending so many years listening to so many people, he learned to enjoy his solitude a little more as he aged. Through meditation once again he was guided to move to Patagonia and find peace with nature. He remained there until he passed away.

Aside from healing, he had many hobbies and joys. He really loved the outdoors and nature and took me camping quite a bit when I was younger. He was also an amateur ham radio operator and certified mechanic. For a short while he was even a member of the Freemasons.

I thank the people of Patagonia for being his friends and neighbors in his time here. 

I would really enjoy it if the people who have known him might share some of their stories about him on his Facebook page, so we can all share our experiences.