I think I’ll name my next dog Fauci. I simply love the sound of it and do respect the man whose name it is. He seems to have integrity and is, therefore, believable, when so many are not. 

I’m quite surprised that Fauci’s still around. He’s done what one must never do – he’s contradicted Donald Trump – and thereby garnered death-threats from the true deplorables. Our President is insecure and pretty much insists that we accept his point of view. (Remember Comey, Mattis, Sessions, and the others? They wouldn’t forsake their principles, so they’re all bye-bye now.) And Fauci, who is well informed, will not support Trump’s lies or loony, wishful fantasies. 

The President is nearly frantic to escape all blame. He quite reflexively insists that everything which happens on his watch is WONDERFUL. He worries he’ll be found at fault if everything’s not GREAT. When one cannot admit to having flaws, it’s very tempting to deny that anything is wrong, unless there’s someone else to blame. (There always is!) Pelosi, China, Muslims, and Obama come to mind. 

Doc Fauci is a gentleman. He does not stoop to criticize or harp on the administration’s flaws. He simply, calmly states his truth – the scientific truth. That Fauci’s even still around suggests to me that Donald Trump, once he (at last) awoke to just how grim the virus was, felt grateful that he had someone to stand up on the stage with him and keep the public’s trust. For an arch-narcissist like Trump to tolerate the rising star and burgeoning celebrity of someone in his coterie suggests that our poor President is flustered to his core. Imagine letting someone else attract attention and gain praise! The like has not been seen before! In general, such impudence results in the offender’s head displayed upon a pike. (To remain safe, you must stay small like Pence, who, I suspect, has been embalmed.) So far, so good for Tony Boy, but let’s be real; it isn’t over yet.

A bad scientist is one who arrives at incorrect conclusions. Even worse is the knowingly dishonest expert who steals and falsifies data. One such disgraced scientist is virologist Judy Mikovits, the subject of a current video called ‘PLandemic,’ whose purpose is to smear Doc Fauci and the C.D.C, suggesting that they have a plan to milk their lofty status and make trillions on a new covid vaccine. (That’s why they aim to make the virus sound more nasty than it is.)

So, who would want to make so paranoid an “exposé”? Our country has reached an insane level of division, pitting objective science against partisan sentiment. It’s sad that science can’t declare what those like Trump would like to hear – that the danger has passed and it’s really OK to resume our old ways. Until the strong economy – Trump’s chief and daily boasting point before the recent Fall – has dragged itself back up the stairs, Trump stands exposed as a buffoon who’s muffed the whole pandemic thing. Does that mean we should just ignore the scientific facts and act as if the danger’s really passed? 

Throughout most human history it is the biggest, scary threats (like wars or “Acts of God”) that let us put aside our constant sibling rivalries and pull together as one team. Today, instead, the True Believer Loyalists just turn their backs on science to proclaim, “Hooray, We’ve Won!” Perhaps they think that dying can be fun. Who’s skeptical? Well, me, for one.