Kayla Miller will become the new Library Director of the Patagonia Library upon completion of her certification as a library practitioner. 
Photo by Marion Vendituoli

Kayla Miller, who is serving as the interim director of the Patagonia Library, has been offered the job of Library Director by the Library Committee, contingent on her passing the course to obtain her AZ State Library Practitioner Certification. Miller anticipates that this will be a semester-long course, after which she would like to earn a masters degree in library science. 

Miller, who grew up in Patagonia, recently received her bachelors degree in creative writing from NAU. “I grew up in this library,” she said. “That’s why I was so excited when I got hired. I would like this to be my long-term career.”

She is grateful for the support of Marilyn Miller, Ann Danowitz, and Jade DeForest. “Jade is a huge support. I don’t think I could do it without her,” she said. 

She also credits former directors Abby Zeltzer and Laura Wenzel for having created strong programs. “It’s a great place,” she said. “I hope I can keep it going strong.”