Fees to Increase

Beginning October 4, 2018 admission fees will increase at The Nature Conservancy’s Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve in Patagonia as well as the Ramsey Canyon Preserve near Hereford. The reason for the increase is to keep up with the continual rising
operational costs of the preserves and to keep them on a solid financial footing. This will be the first increase since 2013.

New Rates, effective October 4, 2018: Daily rate (good for 7 days) $8, Non-members/ $5, Members, Under 12 free, Annual pass $55 (covers RCP and PSCP, for 2 adults). Member rates still apply for Santa Cruz/Cochise County residents and we will continue to offer free admission to Patagonia residents. Daily Two-Preserve passes for both locations will no longer be available.

We truly appreciate all the past and future support from our community.

Marty Lawrence
Manager, The Nature Conservancy’s Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve

The Future of the Fall Festival

Patagonia and Eastern Santa Cruz County are losing what small amount of political influence it had. First, the County government decided to close its JP District 2 office in Sonoita. And now we have the Patagonia Fall Festival excluding any political involvement at the Festival, eliminating a presence that is almost as old as the Festival itself.

It is concerning for our democracy that there are fewer opportunities for elected officials and candidates to meet with the public. My feeling is that Patagonia is not Oro Valley, St.Philips in the Hills, or Tubac.

The Fall Festival has succeeded by being eclectic and political involvement has been a positive part thereof. The key question is: Is the Patagonia Fall Festival to be a welcoming community event or a regional venue dedicated solely to the Arts and Culture?

My suggestion is that before extending the contract with SAACA that the Town of Patagonia secure proposals from a broader range of event organizers. And that interested citizens from eastern Santa Cruz County be able to comment on the proposals.

I know one Tucson-based events organizer who would organize an inclusive neighborly program which would welcome political participation.

Emmett McLoughlin