A Day in Patagonia

I contently find myself back to my home in Patagonia, avoiding another chilly, snowy Colorado winter. A friend recently asked what’s the appeal of this small, quiet AZ town. I decided an appropriate way to inform her would be to describe an active day I recently enjoyed.

I arose early to check emails & texts, continue the John Grisham novel I am currently enjoying, and sip lots of coffee. Once awake and fortified, I laced my running shoes and enjoyed a brisk outing for a few miles up and down Temporal Canyon.

After a post-run breakfast at the Gathering Grounds, I spent a few hours involved with a house project or two.

Once the day had warmed nicely, I jumped on my mountain bike for a lengthy ride out the wonderful Train Track Trail.

Returning to town, I paused at the Lumber Company for some live music, a beer, and a tasty taco.

My friend asked when would be a good time for her to visit!

Chris Gore


Hoping for a Trogon

The PRT bird count is my favorite article of the year. I wait all year for it. I love letting the species’ names roll off my tongue (Phain-o-pep-la) and the number sighted of each species roll around in my brain (95 horned larks!). I can picture the 42 birders launching the count in the morning chill. 

Though I know it’s not its proper habitat, I always cross my fingers and secretly hope for a sighting of an elegant trogon. One day perhaps. Elegance is found, after all, in many things.

Here’s hoping that PRT’s 2023 will be as elegant and diverse as the 127 species of birds counted. Best wishes to its faithful birders and its faithful readers.

Sarah Bueter

Atlanta, GA


Enough catering to tourism. Of the almost 50 years that I’ve been here, tourists have always found us, and they always will.

My belief is that most who come here really enjoy our community because it is different – a slower pace.

Today we are looking like every other town. Enough of all the concrete and painted lines. Enough of all the signs. The middle of town is supposed to be “open space.”

Let’s slow down on some of the upgrades and not take away from our uniqueness.

Charlee Farley

Patagonia, Az

Never Again

In reference to Jan. 2023 article ‘Jews in the News’ by Martin Levowitz:

Levowitz begins his thought-out column with “It’s nice that antisemitism is on the rise again.”

And, in the bigger picture I agree. Antisemitism has risen to the surface again as it has for centuries. From a baker’s point of view, using an ancient sourdough starter, the bread will rise, for centuries. As long as the starter is kept alive.

Antisemitism is and has been kept active because we feed it. It is the ‘anti’ in semitic that subsequently feeds as starter for more-of-the-same as Martin alludes to.

And Leonard Cohen’s video “Puppets” where he states; “puppet German, puppet Jew, puppet me, puppet you.” 

“It’s nice that antisemitism is on the rise again.” This time it has risen to a more awakened humanity and is wanting to be healed. We are in a position at this time to access the power of love, compassion and acceptance each other.

“Never again” could take on a new and deeper meaning if we the people of this earth would live from that place of love and peace of which Levowitz speaks. 

David Krest