Save the Courthouse

The Santa Cruz County Manager plans to ask the Board of Supervisors to permanently close the Sonoita Courthouse and transfer services to Nogales/Rio Rico. This action will further diminish our community of county services, and may compromise the infrastructure supporting our Department of Corrections work crews who, at no cost to our
community, have provided significant well recognized public service with positive outcomes. Two community employees and two elected officials will lose their jobs in Sonoita.

Our courthouse has served the community for over 30 years. Because there are vast differences within the communities in this county, we benefit by having a Judge who lives and works in the community he serves, providing a true connection to the people who appear before them. We are better served by having our courthouse here rather than traveling to Nogales where there is little understanding of who we are and what we need.

As urban sprawl continues to flourish, we can expect future growth in our rural communities We will need more services as we grow. We must protect what we currently have and not allow the county to continue its plunder and pillage. This closure will not reduce the number of cases that appear before a judge.

As voters and taxpayers we must exercise our rights, demand representation, and prevent current and future degradation of our services. Many citizens have expressed concern that most of our tax dollars go only to Nogales. If the Courthouse closes, we lose even more services on the east side of this county, and we gain even more inconvenience by having to travel to Nogales.

If you want to keep the courthouse, call or email the Supervisors. Also, please attend the
supervisor meeting and voice your opinion. Supervisors meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 9:30 am at the Santa Cruz County Complex, 2150 N. Congress Drive, Nogales, AZ.

Contact info for Board of Supervisors:
Manuel Ruiz. Chairman 520 375-7812 / 5202231272
Rudy Molera, Vice-chairman 520 375-7812 /
520 455-7159
Bruce Bracker, Member 520 375-7812 / 520

Kathleen (Kat) Crockett
Elgin, AZ