A Special Letter of Thanks

Dear Patagonia,

We have always known this was a special place, growing up here of course and that is why I made Patagonia our home again six years ago. But when tragedy strikes we are reminded just exactly what that means.

Two weeks ago my daughters and I lost our home to a fire and with that, lost all that we have known for those six years. Not just belongings but memories, our two sweet kitties, all the special things that defined what life was to my girls. Everything. But within hours, literally, of this huge devastation, our amazing community surrounded us with love, generosity, kindness and hope.

We cannot express enough gratitude for the overwhelming support we have received from OUR Patagonia! We are lucky to live amongst such wonderful people and from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who reached out, sent a note, called or just hugged us along the way. Lots of love to all of you, we LOVE this place.

Thank you,
Emily, Natalie & Cassidy

The Pattern Continues

I think we were born fullempty….we were born full of life….we had no concepts, no beliefs, no training.

Then we began to absorb our experiences, beginning the process of separation in terms of right or wrong, good or evil, beautiful or ugly, black or white. The wholeness of full/empty is being eroded.

This division created fear, which brought hate, which brought violence, which brought suffering for all…perpetrator and victim alike… I fear spiders, therefore I hate spiders, therefore I kill spiders, therefore I am dangerous.

The German people, enough of them, bought into the fear put forth by their so-called leaders which allowed for the declaration of war unto “others”. Fear created hate, violence… suffering…for all.

The Israeli people, enough of them, bought into the fear perpetrated by their so-called leaders allowed for the declaration of war upon those they fear. Fear has created hate, which has created violence, which has created suffering for all, the victims and perpetrators alike.

The American people, enough of them, are brought into the fear perpetrated by their so-called leaders…once again opening to the possibility of creating full blown war because we have allowed fear to penetrate our psyche.

The pattern continues.. We are being emptied of life and being filled with fear, bringing suffering to victims and perpetrators alike..

David Krest

Feral Cat Info

For all concerned about the cat issue going on in town, there are a few clarifications that need to be made.

Feral and domestic cats are the same species. Feral simply means it does not have an owner, is not people friendly and has essentially begun acting like a wild animal. A stray cat does not have an owner but seeks out being around people or a person. Cats, like dogs, have individual personalities and while some pet cats may be overly social, most prefer only the people they know and will appear feral to a human who is not one they know and trust.

It is not illegal to feed feral cats, although if you are going to take on responsibility for keeping that cat or cats fed, you are also responsible for capturing the ones you feed and getting them altered (spayed or neutered) at a vet. Certain vets will alter feral cats free
of charge and then tip the left ear to notify from a distance that cat is already altered.

While the town of Patagonia does have animal ordinances that include animals at large (not confined to a yard or kept on a leash or tether), cats are not included in the ordinances. Only dogs and livestock are considered when discussing and citing for at-large animals. The state of Arizona does not require pet cats to be licensed or registered and it is
not illegal to let your pet cat outside.

However, if you are concerned for the safety and wellbeing of your cat, you should keep it indoors to protect it from predators such as coyotes, owls and wild cats such as bobcats and mountain lions. Domestic dogs are also known to chase and kill cats, and very few survive a battle with a cat. If you are someone who really wants to let your cat outside, it is advisable that you have them microchipped and have a collar on them. The microchip
will help identify the cat as yours if it is caught in a trap meant for the TNR (trap neuter release) program being started in town. This way your cat is not accidentally taken away as a colony cat and you can be notified that your cat has been captured so it is returned to you.

If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Marshal’s office at 520-394-2091, email Marshal300@patagonia-az.gov, or email Karina Hilliard, Animal Control Officer at patagoniaaco309@gmail.com.

Karina Hilliard