Thank You to Volunteers

Dear friends and members,

The Patagonia Museum extends a debt of gratitude to Ralph Schmitt and Bob Ollerton for their service to this organization. Ralph and Bob will not seek reelection to their positions on the Board of Trustees this year.

Ralph joined the Board of Trustees in June 2009 as vice-president. Since then, he has served as treasurer and member-at-large. Ralph’s expertise as a construction owner led to the preservation of the Lochiel Schoolhouse. His skilled hands made many improvements to the schoolhouse, including the fabrication of the wooden sash window frames, and installation of the chalkboards and wooden flooring. 

Ralph invited me to join him in January 2009 at a meeting called by the Patagonia School District to discuss the Lochiel Schoolhouse property. From that meeting, Ralph pledged his support to handle the construction phase if I would lead the administrative portion of this endeavour.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Bob joined the board in 2013 as vice-president. Bob and Murphy Musick worked diligently to bring the 1915 to 1929 editions of the Santa Cruz Patagonian to our website. Bob utilized his engineering experience to provide lighting and a water pump via a solar panel at Lochiel. Since the adoption of “Old Main” in 2016, Bob has provided irrigation to the many trees and shrubs on the museum grounds. Bob has also provided many technical services at the museum, including the installation of the wi-fi and thermostat devices.

Thank you Ralph and Bob!!

German Quiroga

Patagonia Museum

Thank You to PRT

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your publication’s support of fundraising for Cindy Martin and Kim Neninger. 

It was masterful how you took the story and using the same words as the GoFundMe posting, gave it a twist that resulted in a huge increase of donations. Using another photo was also brilliant. 

Cindy is HOME! She was discharged from the Rehabilitation Hospital in El Paso, Texas. Now the real work begins. She is scheduled for a month of physical therapy and no doubt there will be many more in the future. As Cindy put it, “The parts are all there, now we just need to work to connect them up!” Kim is continuing her recovery, getting stronger every day and is very happy to be reunited with Cindy. Both sisters are so grateful for the support and love the community has shown them. This is an amazing community, so willing to put their neighbors health and welfare before their own. 

With your generous assistance we made our goal! The money isn’t what’s important to me (it is to the sisters) but the beauty of the community coming together to help neighbors who they may not even know, who are beset with a horrible tragedy, that’s what amazes and inspires me. You and your paper had a big part in that inspiration. Thank you.

Jim Staudacher