Supers Not Responsive

In your April article on South32 routes plans, the County Supervisors, Rudy Molera, Manny Ruiz and Bruce Bracker, said that they have been working closely with South32. “Board Chairman Manny Ruiz said the County and South32 had been working on this issue for a long time.” 

However, the residents of Flux Canyon, which South32 wants to use for 80 ore trucks in the future, have written to the Supervisors to request a meeting about this proposed route, which will destroy our environment and property values, and we have received absolutely no replies for months. 

It appears that our County Supervisors care about South32 and its money, but not their constituents and voters.

Leslie Schupp

Flux Canyon Resident

The Prius Factor

I’m trying to remember who it was, maybe it was Walter, who told me that as he and his wife were traveling the country looking for where they may like to retire, they used the “Prius Factor” as a guide.

The Prius Factor was simple. What was the ratio of Prius cars compared to big pickup trucks? To them a Prius represented owners who cared about where and how they lived. They are people who believe in the possibility that individual action could help make the world a better place and this was very important to them. 

Not too many years ago Patagonia slowly became a community of new people who chose to move here because of the natural beauty and environmental health of the area. They purposely chose to find a place to live where the quality of the environment was a deciding factor of where to live. Rural living had many economic drawbacks but it was worth living in a healthy community. The Prius Factor became quite obvious as time went on as more people discovered this wonderful, unique area.

Last night I went to the market at shift change for the new mining operation. I found one space open that was not taken by the largest pickup trucks on the road. My Prius appeared to be lost in this row of giants! All over town the big trucks now outnumber all other vehicles. The change has been remarkably swift; just a few years have totally changed the fabric of Patagonia.

I mourn the loss of the Prius Factor. ‘Rolling coal’ [modifying a diesel engine to emit large amounts of black or grey sooty exhaust fumes] may now be the new attraction for newcomers to 

Patagonia. Times change.

Murphy Musick


Come to a Performance

This concert on April 10 by the Santa Cruz Singers was a special treat for me. Why? Because I was in the audience and not singing with the SCS for this performance. Having experienced both perspectives made it even more special, a JOY never to be forgotten.

Thanks to Christina Wilhelm, music director & conductor, a “miracle” happens. Hard work and dedication by her and the singers are the reason for this miracle. 

Come & hear the SCS next performance this fall. You will be amazed.

Jude Weierman


Trumping the Rights of Nature

Our consuming culture does not have a core economic or political system that values a sustainable balance with Nature. Negated is that we depend on our global environment for life itself. The decision made by three men Bruce Bracker, Supervisor; Rudy Molera, Supervisor; and Manuel Ruiz, Supervisor and Chairman, to accept South32’s donation of land for a park in one sense was expected, still I was saddened. Earth is sickened as we are with decisions made on what our society defines as ‘economics’ which trumps the rights of Nature.

David Krest