Thanking the Library

The Patagonia Library sponsored and facilitated the Great Decisions program of the U.S. Foreign Policy Association in the Patagonia area.

As we completed the energetic citizen discussion of important, current foreign policy issues, we all agreed in how grateful we are to the Patagonia Library for making this conversation available.

We had a great time in sharing personal experiences, ideas, and perspectives about U.S. foreign policy during these discussions, aided this year by Zoom communications. We hope many others will join in the Great Decisions discussion when this valuable program is again offered in 2023.

Thanks again to the Patagonia Library.

Larry Spears 


Another Source of Wealth

Reading Stephen Williams OPINION: “DON’T PUSH LOCALS ASIDE IN THE QUEST FOR TOURISM DOLLARS.” Patagonia Regional Times June/July issue.

Well written and homework done. When I take into consideration the “three most basic sources of wealth our dollar represents. They are: mineral dollars, paper dollars, and solar dollars…that solar dollars are the only form of wealth that can actually feed people.”

There is, of course, another source of wealth we have access to when we simply engage with the natural world and each other through activities such as hiking, dancing, bicycle riding, heartfelt conversation and singing, all of which are a source of well-being, something money cannot buy. The quality-of-life that Patagonia provides we visitors (whether we’re here for a moment or a lifetime), includes our natural environment, the vast beauty of this paradise which drew us here, that most appreciate and partake of. The “wealth that can actually feed us’” includes the farmers and ranchers that Stephen refers to and the wealth that the quality of life that nourishes us. When I think of other forms of wealth that enhance our lives, I am aware of our in-town businesses that provide local produce, wine, and other quality food, art, music, library services, theater and an array of health-oriented medicine, yoga, drumming, festivals and workshops.

I believe it is essential to recognize all the forms of wealth we have available to us and to support creative endeavors and to maintain balance and harmony in our community.

David Krest


On Relationships

Though I am not a resident of the delightful hamlet of Patagonia, I count myself lucky to be a regular visitor to the area as I have enjoyed a commitment to activities in the area over time. Whenever possible, I make sure to seek out the latest issue of The Patagonia Regional Times as a means of staying current with what I feel is a uniquely special town.

My last visit found me enjoying Patagonia’s annual 4th of July Parade. All the pageantry of a small-town presentation, and a rare opportunity to stand in a refreshing summer monsoon shower simultaneously. Don’t know just how you did it, Patagonia, but once again you pulled off something really special for all in attendance. 

As mentioned, I departed town with a dry copy of PRT tucked under my arm. Once home I enjoyed a read. I was inspired by Mr. Levowitz’s short column “Life Among the Humans (Gender Issues).” If Mr. Levowitz did not hit the nail directly on the head with his thoughts, he came close enough. 

I have shared home and hearth with the same good soul for a great length of time. Don’t ask me just how many anniversaries (we all know guys are for the most part terrible about that). 

Over such length of time I, and she, have enjoyed a relationship as partners, lovers, parents and friends. Like any long running relationships, we have come to know it has its peaks and valleys. 

So here we are at this point in the game of life (together), and who are we now? I’d say we are now the best roommates we could hope to be. I did say “best” which I like to think is a notch up from just plain roommates. For the “good work” is still there as it always shall be. 

Though, as Mr. Levowitz reminds us, many things decline, not all need so. A re-definition of just who we are and our “best” place within it will see us through, and a great roommate is a treasure within itself. 

Royce Davenport 

Vail, Az.


In the June/July issue of the PRT, Zay Hartigan was incorrectly referred to as the PVFRD Fire Chief. Zay Hartigan is the Fire Captain. We apologize for this error.