Thanking Donors

KPUP-LP (100.5FM), would like to take this opportunity to thank the South32 Hermosa Community Fund, held at Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, for their generous grant that was awarded to us this month. This award will allow the radio station to replace its existing ten-year-old studio computer with an updated, state-of-the-art studio computer and related equipment that will mean greater reliability for years to come. In addition to the computer, this grant will also be used to purchase new music for the KPUP music library.

We would be remiss if we did not also acknowledge the grant awarded to KPUP in May of 2019 by the South32 Hermosa Community Fund. We were able to purchase an updated, high-quality, backup power unit that allows the radio station to stay on the air for an extended period of time during one of our frequent summertime power outages.

Again, thank you to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona for their continued support of non-profits in general and KPUP in particular.

Fred Hansen

Secretary, KPUP-LP Radio