By PRT Staff

The new Town Manager, Ron Robinson was sworn in by Judge Bracamonte and begins working on July 1st.  The contract details were then finalized in an executive session, after which the meeting resumed in order to authorize Mayor Wood to approve a temporary construction easement for AZ Dept. of Transportation’s work on the Sonoita Creek Bridge near the Post Office. The easement will allow ADOT to safely park construction equipment and have access to the creek, from the Town’s storage & brush-chipping yard beside Route 82, and will garner $6138 in lease fee to the town.

The second meeting in June discussed the memorial plaque (which since then has been put in the town park) for Brent Bowden.

The Council discussed recommendations from the Planning and Development Committee’s for two new members to the committee, one of whom, Bob Ollerton, does not live in the town. When the candidates were suggested, audience member Philip Brister reminded the council that they had decided last year that individuals who do not live and vote in the town are not eligible to serve on committees. This led to considerable discussion and postponement of the appointments of both Ollerton and the second candidate, Jerry Isaac, pending further clarification of the question of town residency as a condition of committee appointment.

Also on June 12, council approved the proposed FY2019-20 budget; heard Marshall Joe Patterson report that his staff had spend considerable time dealing with a specific feral cat problem; directed the Marshal to present at the next council meeting recommendations for regulating parking around Richardson Park; heard a report by Don Borham on plans to renovate property on McKeown Avenue and received an update on plans for rerouting the Arizona Trail, the latter item being of possible concern to local businesses that might be affected if the trail no longer comes through town.