As the pandemic keeps us all closer to home these days, more and more of us are spending time in our backyards gardening and raising small stock, with some pretty impressive results. The Patagonia Regional Times would like to take our neighbors and friends on a virtual tour of the efforts of our ‘growing community’ and showcase your creative spirit and hard work, your delightful dahlias and extraordinary eggplants, your chic chicks and your gorgeous goats.

The PRT is planning a series of videos to be shown through the summer and early fall. Each video will focus on one aspect of gardening or small-scale farming and feature several members of our community. The topics we will cover are as follows:

Photo credit: Marion Vendituoli
  • Roses
  • Edible Gardens (vegetables and fruit trees)
  • Flower Gardens
  • Small stock (poultry, rabbits, goats and sheep)
  • Kids Raising Animals

We hope you will consider taking part in this fun project. If you would be willing to be filmed, please contact us at or 740-206-9594 before July 15. You will be helping us to provide a ‘garden respite’ for people who could not otherwise visit you in these challenging and isolating times.

Photo Credit: Marion Vendituoli