Murphy and Tom Shore in 2017

A message from Murphy Musick, a long time volunteer and member of The Patagonia Museum:

The residents of our small Town and remote area gave so much for our country I feel a need to honor them every year on Veterans Day November 11th. This honor was historically done by local service groups, particularly our local VFW. Over many years this group of veterans and their supporters aged until the local VFW had so few members that the group dissolved in 2015. I had been volunteering to put out flags with the VFW for the past 20 years and have personally been placing flags since then with help from a few friends.

I think that for a local history group the cemetery offers a tangible site for reflection upon our past in a very personal way. 

On Saturday November 10 at 9:00  We meet at the center of the cemetery, team up and have fun looking at each and every headstone to determine any clues as to their military service. The flags look beautiful and it is surprising how many there are.

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