The draft map for LD 19 splits Santa Cruz County between two districts.

The AZ Independent Redistricting Commission approved draft maps of nine congressional and 30 state legislative districts on Oct. 28. In the draft map for legislative districts(LD), Patagonia, Sonoita and Elgin have all been placed in LD 19, which includes the northern and eastern part of Santa Cruz County, the southeastern corner of Pima County, and all of Cochise, Graham and Greenlee Counties. Since 2011, all of Santa Cruz County has been in LD 2, which also includes a portion of Pima County. 

In the draft map for congressional districts (CD), all of Santa Cruz County has been placed in CD 7 along with parts of Pima, Pinal, Maricopa and Yuma Counties. This draft map is similar to the current CD 3 map.

The public has 30 days to comment on the draft maps, during which public meetings will be held across the state. The Commission hopes to have the final maps drawn and voted on before the first of the year.

The PRT will post the time and place for public meetings, as well as contact information for submitting comments, as this information becomes available.