There was an hour of peaceful protest to protect the USPS and show support for our local workers, at the Patagonia Post Office, from 11 to noon on Saturday, August 22.  Timed to coordinate with the’s nationwide outpouring of over 800 protests, the Patagonia event was coordinated, mostly on social media, by Georgette Larrouy, and gathered – at suitable social distances -about 18 people. It was also timed with the part of the day when the US House of Representatives, in special session, passed a $25 billion USPS funding bill, to help keep the service alive and well in a year when the Covid-19 pandemic will encourage an increase in mail-in ballots for the November 3 General Election. The bill passed in the House, and now moves to the Senate, likely to face more resistance, with the President saying he will veto it if put on his desk.

Beyond urging support and funding for the USPS, the protesters’ signs and graphics also urged everyone to vote and wove in a reference or two to not funding the border wall. One mailbox-shaped blue sign read “EASY SAFE VOTING = DEMOCRACY.” New sidewalk chalk at the iconic blue collection box at the Post Office read “FEDS: DON’T TAKE OUR BOX,” and by the door, red, white and blue letters announced “HEROS WORK HERE.”