May 13, 2020 

The issue of the pool was addressed by the mayor. The Marshal reported a dog-chasing event, successfully resolved.

Melissa Murietta reported that the Planning and development committee is considering Todd Norton’s desired conversion of the former 7th-Day Adventist Church into a fitness gym. 

The final Town budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 was approved. 

Two major repairs at the wastewater treatment plant were approved: an augur that moves sewage, and a compressor repair, for a total of $66,000.

The Town rejected placement of a ‘Thank you Rummel Construction’ banner proposed for the Richardson Park fence by the Patagonia Regional Business Coalition. It was suggested instead that the Coalition consider donating costs of the proposed banner to direct improvements at the park.

Future meeting agenda items will include riding mower repair and possible review of tax laws.

May 28. 2020

Town Manager Robinson reported that the extra town trash pickup due to the closure of the recycling center amounts to about one 3/4-ton pickup load per collection. It was also noted that extra trash in the west end of the Town Park had to be picked up after Memorial Day weekend.

Todd Norton’s request for a permit to convert the former 7th-Day Adventist Church into a fitness gym has been reviewed by the Planning & Development Committee, who have recommended its adoption. Council will make the use permit decision in its June 10 meeting.

The Council approved a Request for Proposals (RFP), submitted by Bob Brandt for CHOP, to get a professional determination of the need for affordable housing in Patagonia, at no cost to the Town. The RFP was approved.

Ordinance 20-01 of the Town was approved, relating to the Transaction Privilege Tax.

The Mayor and Council adopted two clarifications for the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.

For the longer-term security of the Post Office, a 15-year lease renewal was granted to Burke Commercial.

The Town was authorized to sell an abandoned portion of Three R Avenue to a private party, under the Mayor and Council’s Resolution 20-07.