At the May 8 meeting, Charlee Farley reported that she had obtained the Sierra Vista ordinance about animal control, particularly feral cats. The council agreed to continue the
discussion of possible town ordinance changes at a future meeting, perhaps adding in a work session as well.

The Town is advertising for replacement for one of its labor positions. One applicant has applied thus far.

Marshall Patterson mentioned continuing work at the Animal shelter and the ticketing of speeders who pass vehicles on the way into or through town.

Determining value for a piece of land is a legally complex matter as it applies to the abandonment of a length of the town’s right of way for a development by Coronado Homes, according to Councilman Finch. The Council agreed on the need to consult the Town Attorney for a legal opinion before taking action.

Discussion of the “yard sale” operation next to Red Mountain Foods led to confirmation that town ordinances state that any location having more than four yard sales per year is
considered a business and needs to pay sales tax. The two operators on the lot would be asked to do a use permit also, since the lot formerly had no commercial activity.

The Town Manager will write them a letter with these requirements for continuing business in that location. It was noted that John Sheldon, the owner renting the property, had to pay on the rental activity.

Progress on new filter and equipment installation for the town pool was presented. It has gone so efficiently that the pool is beginning to be refilled in preparation for summer
opening. At about 220,000-gallon capacity, a hasty refill of the pool might take the town’s reservoirs to a dangerously low level, so the refilling will be done over more than 24 hours.

At the May 22 meeting, the dominant agenda item was the continuation of discussion about the feral cat problem. Charlee Farley again approached the council and requested action on revising the town’s animal ordinance. She asked that the town revise the current ordinance by including cats as well as dogs in the language. After lengthy discussion, the council adopted a motion by Melissa Murrietta to pass Farley’s information on to the town attorney and to schedule a work session on the problem after the attorney has had a chance to review all the information.

In other business, the council adopted motions to accept the proposed 2019-20 budget and to schedule a public hearing on it and to send a letter to South 2 requesting copies of
all hydrogeology reports that the company has in its possession. They also approved the appointment of Brad Sander to the Planning and Development Committee and Caleb Weaver to the Tree and Park Committee.

Council also heard a report by Mary McKay that two trees, donated by German Quiroga and Cliff Hirsch, were planted recently in Doc Mock Park near the Doc Mock Memorial. The committee is also considering how to mitigate flooding that occurs near the culvert at the Senior Center during heavy rains.

Marshall Joe Patterson asked that consideration of a ban on parking around Richardson Park and the Community Garden be placed on a future council agenda.