In the absence of Mayor Ike Isakson, Vice Mayor Andy Wood presided over the December 14 meeting.

Although the meeting lasted less than 15 minutes, two items of substance were on the agenda, both involving the Planning and Development Committee. Chairman David Budd presented a recommendation that the council approve the Phase I proposal for using already awarded grant funds for improvements to both Doc Mock and Richardson Parks. The committee’s recommendation came with corollary recommendations to make certain that the funds earmarked for safety improvements to Richardson be preserved; that youth be involved in planning for further park development and in town planning in general; and that various groups, both governmental and non-governmental, work with the Sky Islands Tourism Association on issues of parking, event planning and town development in general.

A brief discussion on this matter included an endorsement by Carolyn Shafer, chairperson the Flood and Flow Committee, who pointed out that the Phase I plan design will contribute to the community’s green spaces and to flood mitigation efforts. Council unanimously approved the recommendation to implement Phase I as presently planned.

The second item of major interest was consideration of the new fourteen-unit housing development proposed by Coronado Ridge Development Corporation. At the request of the developer, this item was postponed to give them more time to address the shortage of affordable housing in Patagonia. The development will be placed on the December 12

At the suggestion of Vice Mayor Wood, Council decided to schedule a work session on the need for improvements to the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

Note: Reporting on the November 28 meeting will appear in the January issue of the PRT.