Sept 11, 2019

In memory of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Marshall Patterson reported that Animal Control Officer Karina Hilliard had become a certified EMT and would continue to work with the Fire Department as needed.

Planning and Development referred to an ongoing committee issue of attempted meeting dominance by people “with an agenda,” that would be brought to the future attention of Council.

Shelby Scheer of SAACA (Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance), gave a progress report on the Patagonia Fall Festival, covering parking, publicity, participation, event size and road closures. She repeated her group’s commitment to using art for economic development.

Also in connection with Fall Festival, there was discussion of responses to active shooters and related kinds of violence. The Marshall stated the law officers had had training, and that in such an event, Fire Dept. Chief Isakson would be Incident Commander.

A Senior Citizens’ Center question about facility improvement by replacing cooling system equipment was referred to Town Manager Robinson.

Approval was given for the Town to ask South 32 to come to a meeting on mine-site and truck routes and traffic as they affect residents.

The town will hold a study session on the wording of truck ordinances and review process for the temporary truck routes recently implemented through town. (The Session was held at 6 p.m. Wednesday Sept. 18 and was open to the public.)

Town Manager Robinson discussed ideas for reducing the Town’s debt by some payments that would reduce interest and thus shorten the Town’s financial obligations. He stated that there was potential to save the town $50,000 by 2041 and that the payments would strengthen the Town’s position for future major expenses, most notably a replacement sewage treatment system costing about $1.8 million. Financial backing for that project would come from WIFA, the Water Infrastructure Funding Association.

AZ Craft Beverages was granted a liquor license for Fall Festival.

Bobbie Yu was approved as the Town’s new Attorney/Prosecutor.

The ongoing feral cat issue was briefly discussed.

Sept 25, 2019

The Town’s new Attorney and Prosecutor, Bobbie Yu, was sworn in by Judge Bracamonte.

Marshall Patterson reported that his department “has been busy and has ongoing investigations.”

Town Manager Robinson was authorized to submit an Expenditure Limitation Report to the Auditor General’s office.

Dave Ellis discussed a grant application to drill nine monitoring wells in the Sonoita Creek area, with the intention of gathering data about the water table. The grant would be for $200,000, half from the US Bureau of Reclamation and half matched in donations and or in-kind labor by the town. The Council is favorable to the idea, but before lending its support, the Town requires a guarantee that it would receive no financial or legal liability from this project. The Town Manager recommended that the Council table the item until the Flood & Flow Committee made a recommendation after its meeting October 10, and the Council agreed.