October 9, 2019

The Town’s new Attorney and Prosecutor, Bobbie Yu, was sworn in by Judge Bracamonte.

Marshall Patterson reported that his department “has been busy and has ongoing investigations,” and was thanked for arranging the installation of a new 15 MPH speed limit sign at the corner of 3rd & McKeown.

The Patagonia Senior Center has arranged three grants for improvements to the building; for a gas-powered backup electric generator, funds for which have been approved; for the replacement of the Center’s evaporative cooler; and an addition to the rainwater harvesting system. There would be no cost to the town for any of these improvements. All three were approved by the Mayor & Council Town Manager Robinson was authorized to apply for a USDA grant for an engineering report for refurbishment and/or replacement of the Town’s wastewater treatment plant.

For the Spirit 100 gravel-road race on November 9, event organizer Zander Ault requested Town approval for camping in Doc Mock park for the 4-day period of the event, the 7th through 10th. Ault explained that there’d be a maximum of 130 visitors, and that they currently had 60 registrants for the racing.

October 23, 2019

Adrienne Halpert and Odell Borg spoke in support of a grant proposal to study the feasibility of bringing broadband high-speed internet service to Patagonia, citing several levels of advantage to residents, organizations and the Town itself. Manager Robinson was authorized to apply for the grant.

Mayor Wood reported that she and Councilman Stabile had had a cordial and preliminary informational meeting with South 32 on possible industrial truck routes the company is considering as the re-evaluate their plans.

Marshall Patterson reported that his department was working on a car theft in Patagonia, and that they’d been alerted to three house break-ins elsewhere in Santa Cruz County.

Mention was made of a local resident charged for failing to register as a sex offender. Patterson explained that the offender is non-violent, is classified at the tier 1 level of the three tiers of the sex-offender registration system, and that the offense was committed in Delaware over ten years ago, so he is deemed to be at low risk of re-offending, and extradition to Delaware is unlikely.

Councilwoman Murietta reported that the Planning & Development Committee had processed some changes for the Town’s General Plan and are planning to bring proposed changes to the Council for discussion and possible implementation.

Borderlands Restoration Network was granted liquor licenses for two fundraising events during the Spirit 100 gravel-road race weekend, one at Gathering Grounds the evening before the race, November 8, and the second in Patagonia Town Park the evening of the race, November 9.

Since the second November meeting falls on Thanksgiving eve, it was proposed that the meeting be changed to the evening before, Tuesday, November 26.