Wednesday, January 8 

The Mayor and Council decided that the Town manager can facilitate financial assistance in a case of hardship for one of the tenants of the town’s apartments. 

Significant larger-scale work would be needed to keep the town’s pool in use. A citizens’ committee has formed to analyze what would be needed for the pool to stay open, and possibly to build a new pool at a site off the PUHS grounds. Mayor Wood said she knew companies that could do an evaluation of all aspects of the pool. 

Marshal Patterson said there was new learning about orders of protection, and that “it’s challenging.” 

The Planning and Development (P&D) Committee requested a study session for capital improvements for Jan 29 at 6 p.m., open to the public but comments should be submitted in writing. 

The Mayor and Council went into executive session to review Manager Robinson’s six-month evaluation. His continuation was approved, with salary increase, same benefit package, and the benefit of a volunteer Personal Assistant. He was enthusiastically applauded. 

Wednesday, January 22 

The Mayor mentioned that the town map would be approved before the local census began this year. 

Marshal Patterson described a recent program dealing with local wildlife and that several people in his department had received training in dealing with wild creatures, including safe removal when necessary. 

P&D committee member Melissa Murietta gave the Committee’s recommendation that a carport variance at 240 Duquesne Av. be approved with the condition that the materials be non-flammable. P&D committee requested scheduling for a study session to continue discussion of proposed changes to the Town’s General Plan, to be presented subsequently to the Town for general discussion and possible action. 

Councilman Finch reported that the Town’s CERT volunteer group (Certified Emergency Response Team) and Red Cross recently installed free smoke alarms in 61 households of the 250 or so in the Town, or 20-25% of the homes. 

The Trail Riders of Southern Arizona received permission to hold an event similar to last year’s, to be called “There will be Dust VIII.” It will include camping at Doc Mock Park. The main riding day will be Nov. 21, 2020. George Wysopal presented the town with a plaque of appreciation. 

Similarly, the WINS (Wandering Individual Network Singles) group was given permission for their event which will again include camping at Doc Mock Park. 

The new group “Friends of the Patagonia Pool,” represented by Jan Herron received scheduling for a study session on the new committee’s role for February 5 at 6 p.m. Herron added that the committee was arranging pool inspections and exploring grant applications. 

For the Flood and Flow Committee, Chairperson Carolyn Shafer summarized the “Roadmap” project to generate the best possible “baseline” picture of the water conditions in the Sonoita Creek Watershed. The project has no cost to the town. 

Shafer introduced Bryce Kirkpatrick of NextGen Engineering who presented powerpoint slides explaining the kinds of data being gathered and the mineral contaminants most commonly found. 

He discussed the data sources they’ve used for their study. Both the Forest Service and South32 have been asked to provide data they are known to have, for groundwater and surface waters, and neither has yet complied. Data gaps, both in time and in location, were also mentioned in some of the slides. The water samples in the Town’s wells were mentioned, and the results have never turned up any red flags. 

NextGen hopes to have their report done soon. The Mayor showed interest in a proposal to continue the study. The studies will be available online and the “Patagonia Water Information” tab of the Town’s website, patagonia-water-information/