March 11, 2020 

Marshal Patterson, noting he’d served the town for nine years, discussed the workings of the Sex Offender Registry program, due to an ongoing case involving “vigilante” posting of inflammatory material on local bulletin boards. The misinformation included reference to pedophilia, which the Marshal explained was not what the local registrant in the program was charged with.

He further explained that his department would be participating an interagency training with the Border Patrol.

The North American Development Bank’s $500,000 grant for rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plant was approved, with the Town being able to meet the 10% participation requirement of the grant.

March 25, 2020

Eight people attended the March 25 council meeting, including three audience members. Mayor Wood participated by phone. 

Mayor Wood said she was in correspondence with US Senator Kyrsten Sinema about coronavirus measures and would share the results with Council and Manager.

Marshal Patterson announced he was coordinating with the County on data flow regarding the current outbreak, and that Santa Cruz County had announced its second case, of about 400 for the State. He continued to state that his department had personal protective gear available to workers and was spreading out the presence of deputies and himself. They were decreasing their responses to fire calls if not strongly needed.

Councilmember Finch noted that the Town’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) had this week opened an informational website with links to current virus information at

The Marshall said that local traffic was down because of voluntary “sheltering in place,” but they were seeing an increase in nature-recreating traffic. He noted that the Patagonia Lake State Park is still open, but full. 

The Town has closed the public bathrooms in the park. The Town Hall remains open, though currently experiencing only about five people a day.

The Mayor’s proclamation declaring the month of April as Fair Housing Month in Patagonia was approved.

Two liquor licenses were granted: one a special event license for the Volunteer Fire Department’s annual steak fry, planned for June 27 in the Town Park, and the other a license for the Crown B Taqueria.