The six weeks between August 17 and Sept. 28 showed a marked increase of new positive COVID cases in the Patagonia, Sonoita and Elgin areas. In the four month period from April 14 – August 17, cases in Patagonia (85624 zip code) had only increased from 61 cases to 62. Between August 18 – Sept. 28, five new cases were reported (a 8% increase), for a total number of cases at 67. 

In Elgin, there had been 28 cases by mid- April, with an additional eight cases by mid-August. Since then, there had been an additional seven new cases (a 19% increase) reported by Sept. 28.

In Sonoita, there had been 41 cases by mid-April, with an additional 13 cases by mid-August. Since then, there have been 16 new cases (a 29.6% increase) reported as of Sept. 28.

Percentage of residents vaccinated in the three areas have not changed dramatically in the past six weeks. 45.8% of Elgin residents, 61.7% of Sonoita residents, and 63.6% of Patagonia residents have been vaccinated. 77% of residents in Santa Cruz County have been vaccinated. 58% of residents have been vaccinated statewide. 

The Santa Cruz County Health Department is planning to reopen a vaccination clinic sometime this fall at the Nogales Recreation Center off Hohokum Drive. COVID-19 booster shots for some residents along with flu vaccines will be offered.