The Tree and Park committee has gained approval to plant trees in this portion of Doc Mock Park. For a donation of $200, donors can have a commemorative tree planted. Photo by Caleb Weaver

As Nelson Henderson said, “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

Have you ever wanted to plant a tree in celebration of a loved one? Here’s an opportunity! The Tree and Park Committee and Town of Patagonia have teamed up to plant a new community forest in Doc Mock Park. Patagonia community members can commemorate loved ones by purchasing a tree for $200 as part of a fundraiser to install an irrigation system in Doc Mock Park. Fifty new trees will be planted in Doc Mock Park this summer by Patagonia youth. 

The new ADA-accessible sidewalk and ramada constructed by McKay’s Custom Home in Doc Mock Park is nearly complete. The new community forest will be planted in the space between the new concrete pathway and Highway-82. The trees will receive water from a newly installed irrigation line along with a new rainwater harvesting installation. 

Trees will be planted this summer by Patagonia Union High School students as part of Borderlands Restoration Network’s annual training program – Borderlands Earth Care Youth (BECY). Patagonia youth will plant trees and construct French drains to harvest rainwater from Arizona Highway 82. 

Borderlands Restoration Network received a grant from Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management to pay the Patagonia youth to plant the trees and harvest rainwater. 

Each $200 donation will purchase the following: a native tree, customized commemorative metal plaque on a stand, tree guard to protect the young tree, landscape cloth to keep weeds from growing around the base of the tree, water line running the length of Doc Mock Park, and irrigation hookups to each tree. Trees will be replaced if they perish. 

To claim a commemorative tree, visit the Town Hall and ask for the Tree Fund Raiser form. Fill out the form, including the message that will go on the plaque, select the location of your tree on a map, and drop off the check. Trees will be planted in June/July 2021.

Improvements in Doc Mock Park continue. The concrete pathway is complete. The ramada will be finished in February. A new regional trail map is being designed by Robert Gay and will be posted in town. The Tree and Park Committee is developing educational signage to be installed along the new path. A new water line will be installed in Doc Mock Park. Barriers will be installed to ensure vehicles will not drive over the new path. 

As soon as it is safe for groups to gather, the Tree and Park Committee will host workshops in the newly constructed ramada. Keep visiting Doc Mock Park throughout 2021 to track the exciting changes.