Based on its mission and the recently completed Affordable Housing Assessment and Strategy Report, Community Homes of Patagonia’s (CHOP) Board of Directors has decided to focus on the development of Gopher Field. The vision is four permanently affordable single-family homes plus open space. 

The next step in the process is hiring a qualified consultant to develop and implement a one-year action plan to build CHOP’s organizational capacity, partnerships, and funding resources during this pre-development phase. 

The Board has approved submission of a Consultant Request for Proposals (RFP). To receive a copy of the RFP, interested consultants can email: or call: 520-394-9051 Board President, Tod Bowden. Referrals to prospective consultants are also welcome.

CHOP is currently seeking individual donations and grants to fund the consultant’s services. If you are interested in donating or learning more, please contact Board President, Tod Bowden. “DIVERSITY HAS A HOME HERE.”