News Release

For years real estate has been considered a reliable way to increase personal wealth. But how does a retiree on a fixed-income, someone who is experiencing health issues, or someone who recently experienced a life-changing event maintain their home?

Community Homes of Patagonia (CHOP) supports low to moderate income stakeholders by helping in building and maintaining their long-term assets. The non-profit organization supports safe and affordable homeownership for working class people through its Home Repair Program.

Although CHOP has been in existence since 2007, it’s not always on people’s radar when needing home repair. Sometimes it takes a friend suggesting reaching out to CHOP for home repair assistance. In fact, this is how CHOP met its latest home repair applicant, Pancho.

Pancho is an 80-year-old great-grandpa, tatá, dad, cousin, neighbor, and friend, who has lived in Patagonia for over 65 years. He’s raised his family here, as have his daughters and grandkids. Pancho’s 1970s manufactured home needed plumbing work to get hot water into his home. A retiree on a fixed income and wheelchair bound, the repairs were not feasible for him to undertake.

CHOP coordinated the repair logistics with the help of Todd Norton Plumbing, Rebuilding Together of Santa Cruz County, and the recently acquired Santa Cruz County Nonprofit Grant for Community Financial Capacity, through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 funding from the US Department of Treasury. Pancho was able to get a new hot water heater, handicapped accessible toilet, all leaks fixed under his trailer and, equally importantly, all pipes securely connected to the town’s main sewer pipe.

The CHOP Home Repair Program’s mission is to help individuals and families who cannot shoulder the cost of their repairs that are crucial to their health and safety. CHOP fills the gap by securing the necessary materials, equipment, and labor. Common repairs include heating and cooling systems, plumbing and sanitation systems, fixing roof leaks, and providing equipment to make homes handicapped accessible.

If you or a friend are interested in CHOP’s help, the Home Repair Program Application can be found in the Town Hall, the Patagonia Library, on the Town website ( or on the CHOP website ( The simple, two-page form asks for housing and household information, a description of need, and copies of proof of income and of home ownership.

For more information on how you can volunteer or make a financial contribution to support the diverse and vibrant residents of the Town of Patagonia and its vicinity please email Right now, and with your help, CHOP can install a heating and cooling system and perform a much-needed roof repair here in town.