The PRT is excited to introduce three new community reporters to our readers. Carrie White and Dave Lumia, who recently moved to Sonoita, bring years of experience in the field of journalism to the PRT. Dave, who was a sports reporter, has volunteered to cover school sports for us.

Carrie not only covered the Labor Day Rodeo and the County Fair, she also volunteered to create original crossword puzzles based on local subjects. Her first puzzle features local wineries.

We are also pleased to introduce Corrie Vesely. Corrie, who is an herbalist and recently moved to Patagonia, wrote an entertaining article about the Community Garden Pie auction

In other news, the PRT was fortunate enough to have been given access to “Earn your Press Pass,” an amazing online course designed to develop the skills of citizen journalists. This opportunity will help to hone our writers’ skills reporting on news and finding stories. We are so grateful to Kansas Publishing Ventures for making this available to the PRT. 

We encourage anyone who would like to learn more about becoming a PRT journalist to contact us at

PRT journalists, staff and board members came together on September 21 to help paint a community mural in Richardson Park. The mural project, titled “Patagonia’s Family Tree” is being created under the direction of Cassina Farley, a PRT board member and director of the Patagonia Creative Arts Association. The painting was inspired by a large cypress in the park that fell during a monsoon event last year. The mural will depict important dates in Patagonia’s history and the contributions of the town’s founding families. Tiles describing a timeline of events will be installed after the mural is complete. Photo by Marion Vendituoli