Local volunteers bought and installed blue road reflectors in Patagonia to reduce the time it takes for volunteer firefighters to find and hook up to a hydrant. 

The volunteers also flushed the hydrants, or “exercised” them, to verify they work properly. The reflectors are next to the hydrant and off center to indicate which side of the road it’s on. 

Patagonia Volunteer Fire & Rescue is having a continuous fundraiser to purchase a reliable new water truck. If everyone pitched in on a monthly basis the Fire Dept. could more quickly afford this. 

Their fleet manager is trying to keep the fleet up-to-date and in good working order and looking to remove some of the older trucks to reduce the maintenance load. They would also like to get a new set of tires for their oldest truck, the 1916 engine,and would be happy to take donations for that as well. That truck still has some of its original tires and there’s little tread left. 

Please support PVF&R by sending donations to PO Box 497, Patagonia, Az 85624. All donations not earmarked will be applied to the new water truck